Saturday, April 05, 2014

April 2014

I caught myself thinking today that I had 'made it' through winter as I gazed up at the tiny green flowers on the trees that line the street. Made it through winter!? Like it was really that hard? It wasn't hard but it was hard.

December's darkness hit me pretty hard. I struggled for the first time with that feeling of there being too much darkness. Of course I had a lot to distract myself with. Crafty Wonderland happened in mid Dec. I still can't get over how many people flow through that show. Of course I was so sick that weekend, doing shots of dayquil behind my curtain.

In January I felt like my life resembled cold molasses flowing up hill. SSSSSLLLLLOOOOOWWW.

February is my birthday month. Not that I'm a big birthday gal. I once worked with a very delightful person who never failed to announce that it was her 'Birthday Month' I'm pretty sure she wore a tiara at home and possibly at her desk sometimes. You go girl! Celebrate the crap out of yourself! That's not me.

Also in Feb. was the crazy winter storm that Portland never gets but did get. We dug up what winter gear we still had after ditching most of it when we moved to CA (stupid) and went out in to the surreal snow covered Portland that had come to a screeching halt.

In March we stressed about taxes and jobs and just about everything we could think of to stress about. But we handled it. New projects appeared on the horizon and someone who was 4 turned 5!

So here I am in April thinking, I made it through. Remembering that the only way out of something is through it. (Carl Jung via Chris in the Morning, Northern Exposure)

I'm sure that when the heat and busyness of summer is over I'll be saying, as I gaze up at the turning leaves on trees that line the street, I made it through.

Now please enjoy some photos. xo K

Pysanka post card by Klay

E doing his E things

Spring at the park

Our favorite place, Pips!

Doughnut faces ( I don't ever eat them ... sad face)

My Pips pillow, I love Pips and I love having my work there.

Birthday Boy in his new shirt that I made!

Richard's full Ron Swanson birthday dinner at the Laurelhurst Market

My mom and step dad

Emmett and I 

moral support

Warming bun by Klay, available at Boys Fort (downtown PDX)

Emmett at the gym relaxing after much running and jumping

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Julia said...

Well done for making it through! You've described how I feel too, every Winter... Not only did you make it through, you managed to create so much wonderful art and crafty goodness! Whatever you're doing, you're doing it right!!! x