Monday, May 26, 2008

24 hour race - breakdown

Here's a brief description of the 24 hour mountain bike race:

Get a bike, get a team, get a tent, ride your bike, eat or drink, sleep and ride your bike again.

The race began at 12 noon on Saturday and ended at 12 noon on Sunday. Each lap is 15 miles.
In this case Richard was one of a 9 man team and their goal was hour laps or better which they managed to do because they ended up with 25 laps in 24 hours.

We camped over night but were serenaded by Journey's greatest hits so sleeping wasn't exactly an option but we'll never stop believin. The weather was diverse we started off thinking we might get thunderstorms but a light rain with light winds and really lovely patches of sun came instead. The temperature went down at night as the humidity went up which made for a very damp tent and sleeping bag. In the morning the sun came out and it was 65 by 10am and close to 80 by 1.

Fortunately the race was uneventful. A couple guys had brain farts that sort of launched them off their bikes in strange places like right at the start line. One guy locked his keys in his car while getting ready for his 2am lap and had to call his wife, who was at home with two young daughters, to come and let him back into his car. On the very last lap the rider got a flat which meant that the team lost 3rd place overall by 1 minute. They did win their division with, I think, 2 laps on the second place team. This made them happy and overall really pleased with the way the whole thing went. No one gave up, no one whined, no one wrecked and they got sweet vests and medals. Add beer and a cow bell to all that and I believe you've got a perfect day of bike racing.

I took a tone of photos but I don't think it was a stellar effort on my part. The whole thing is kind of a blur for me - I kept making trips home to check on the dogs and I think I'm typing this while still feeling a little sleep deprived.

Anyway, here are some snaps - Congratulations to David, Craig, Dan 1, John, Dan 2, Kevin, Shaun, Richard and Alan (sorry if I spelled your names wrong, I doubt if any of those guys read my blog anyway...) You guys did a great job!

And here's to Amy, Cassandra and I for being there for the guys. Hope we can get those pedicures soon. We deserve it!

Monty visited for a little while. This made his little doggy heart happy.


the boat in the background is where the Journey experience happened - yes that's a boat.

getting dark - the lights on the bikes had to be one by 8am so this must be around that time. Can you see the streak of light? That's a rider passing our compound which was right on the track.
PM pasta

around 10pm we decided to walk up to the timing tent. These photos shows riders waiting at the exit of the tent to grab the wristband timing transponder and head out on their lap.


results were updated on an hourly basis

this one shows a rider coming in

the timing tent

back at the camp site - Richard played movies from the DVD player implanted in his stomach

and David warmed up on the trainer

more riders passing the tent at night


Getting late - time for sleep
night time in the camp

getting some zzz

David heading out on his last lap

while the rest of the team carbo loads

clean teeth are a must

the buffet
all you can eat

I know you probably want the name of our interior decorator
bicycle chic

finally getting some rest
after a long night

waiting for his last lap to start


Richard heading out on his last lap

and the crowd goes wild
cheering squad

the return - that was fast!


fun with food. What used to be a vegan breakfast brownie (which I worked really hard at making) formed into a piece of poo and placed on the track. Call it sleep deprived humor.


hour 26 - waiting for the final results and awards.
hour 26



and finally...

now I need to get some rest....


cathi said...

Looks like fun was had by all! I especially liked the photo of the buffet!

t said...

looks like so much fun! i quite enjoyed this post, felt like i was right there with you (and now i wish that i was!)

John Speare said...

Great photos and great commentary. I'm kicking myself for missing this -- not that I would ride it, but it looks like a fun place to kill a few hours watching and riding...